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Dailystews Fact sheet:

Hannah Grant is the chef from Team Tinkoff Saxo.

  • Born in Copenhagen Denmark –  1982
  • Trained Chef from the cullinary institue of Copenhagen
  • Back ground : restaurant NOMA –  The best oddessey, Kiteboarding expedition around the world – the danish royal navy amongst others.
  • Employed by Tinkoff sport A/S  (Tinkoff-Saxo) since january 2011
  • Travels 150 days a year with the team and her chef apprentice Rune


7 thoughts on “Who is Dailystews

  1. Hi Hannah,

    I write for Men’s Fitness magazine (UK edition) and would love to interview you for a feature in the magazine on cycling nutrition. If you are available for a phone / Skype interview in the coming days please do let me know.

    Best wishes, Mark Bailey

  2. Hi Hannah, Firstly congrats on the book and also I’m producing TV coverage for Australian TV during the TDF, we’d like to talk to you about your role with Saxo Tinkoff in the days before the start. If this is possible could you reply with details about how and where we can contact you in Corsica?

    Kind Regards, Joe.

  3. i’d give anything to be an apprentice chef on a pro cycling team. I’m a 2nd year apprentice in australia and love cooking and cycling. massively jealous! :)

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