The Grand Tour Cookbook

The Grand tour cookbook is currently only available in danish and Czech, we are working on the english version – so don’t loose hope, check in for updates here on the page.

You can order your danish book here:

You can order the Czech book here:



17 thoughts on “The Grand Tour Cookbook

  1. any update on the availability of the english version? my husband can’t wait for my cooking to improve! :)

  2. Hi,any news on a version for the United Kingdom yet,this is the cookbook all cyclists need in their lives…..

  3. Loved your interviews on GCN and will try the omelette recipe. Hope I can some day fold as well as you :). Would love to get the English version of your book as soon as you have it.

  4. Would love to get a copy in English before team comes to Canada in a month so you can autograph it, unless you will have them in English for sale by then! Tak!

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