Getting ready to rock and roll #tinkoffsaxo

I just waved goodbye to my very special and awesome kitchen truck, our danish mechanic Frank drove it to Luxembourg last night for a full service check up so it’s fit for fight when our first race is up.

Whilst the truck was in Denmark I had the chance to have the kitchen serviced by the kitchen company. This kitchen is not a normal kitchen, it’s a traveling super kitchen and it needs a little extra love after climbing the peaks of Ventoux, Galibier, alpe d’Huez amongst others several times. So it was a perfect timing to do that whilst the truck was being wrapped for the 2014 season.

The first day I went to the company, Vangsgaard, that wraps the trucks. We had arranged with the kitchen guys to show up out there to look at everything. I went with my colleague Christina in a team car, we parked the car and walked around the building to find a very crazy sight: a naked truck! Last years design was gone and left was this all white truck – very strange!

the “naked” truck


Luckily the guys and girls at Vangsgaard did an awesome job and wrapped the truck in the very cool 2014 design printed from the gigantic sticker printers they have.

Vangsgaard sticker factory

Service went well and the guys was working non stop to make sure everything was in good condition.

kitchen doctors

kitchen doctors

The second day my new apprentice Rune came over to Copenhagen so we could go shopping for the truck, getting all the basics ready: nuts, seeds, oats, grains, and other organic products that we use to fuel the riders. We washed the whole thing down inside and then filled up the cabinets for the next few months.

This time the trucks look was a different story – BOOM! check it out, pretty cool huh? and the door even has my twitter name on it – YEAH!

Freshly wrapped truck ready to go!

Freshly wrapped truck ready to go!

You can never have too much social networking going on!

Well, the truck is all shiny, good and ready to go –

take care, see you in Paris Nice!


Oh and two more things –

Check out the new team webpage – it’s looking very good!

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter and facebook for the latest kitchen crew updates.



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