My new apprentice #tinkoffsaxo #dailystews

One day more and we are off to the Island of Gran Canaria, it’s been a year since I was last there, but I’m pretty sure it’s just how I left it – and thats good, ‘cos me and my trusty mates are camping out inside the kitchen for the next 14 days, where we will be cooking from early morning to late evening for all of our riders.
Jonathan my apprentice finished his second school period at the culinary institute with a solid top grade 12 (highest score in DK) so I’m happy and proud. He will be with us in Gran Canaria before he goes back to school to finish his education. I know that Jonathan is ready to stretch his wings and fly… out in the big world and conquer it with his culinary skills and ideas – like a mom I’m sad to see him go, but I also know that it’s the rules of the game.

TDF 100 -0338

Jonathan – my 2013 apprentice – soon to be a real chef !

but fear not… I will not be alone for this season!

A small introduction of my new apprentice – Rune is 20 years old from Viby J in Denmark, He is a chef apprentice in the last year of his education and lucky for me he has chosen to work for us this season. Rune is also a member of the danish Aarhus Tech culinary team – where he works with very delicate and beautiful arrangements and we hope that Rune will show of some of his skills during this 2014 season.
I for one is very happy to have Rune on the team and you guys will for sure get to know him in the coming months.

Rune the 2014 chef apprentice follow him on twitter @foodfamilydk

So that all for now, next update will be from the warmth of Gran Canaria.

Take care y’all


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