Spanish adventures awaits #LaVuelta #teamsaxotinkoff

Finally the race started, Yesterday the Vuelta was kick started with a late team time trial. We did very good and ended up as no. 6. Today the second stage or the first real stage is taking place with a category 1 climb finish… exciting!!!

vuelta 2013-1315

This grand tour had a great start: we arrived on the 20th late, was picked up by DS Tristan Hoffman, who took us out to dinner with all the mechanics, nice way to be greeted. After dinner we arrived at the hotel, where the trucks was parked – YEEEEEES the lovely kitchen truck was already there HURRAH!!! so Jonathan and myself could get a great start the morning after – and so we did. Shopping, cleaning, cooking and serving dinner for the riders in the night – perfect like it should be! It’s awesome to see the guys – and they are kind enough to pop by the truck once in a while :)

vuelta 2013-1272

The days up until the race started has three meals, so we have been busy and then some, ‘cos the first lunch we had to serve i twisted my ankle on a loose piece of pavement, resulting in my foot turning big, black and blue and lunch spread all over the pavement…. Oh ohhhh… so I got up tried to walk back to the truck to get more food, but had  to get the doc, to check out my foot… so Jonathan came to the rescue. Whipped up some extra lunch and saved the day. Me I was of no use that afternoon and evening – I sat with my leg in the air all iced up, so the swelling could go down. That day I was sure that it was gonna be a loooong Vuelta if my foot was out of play, but miraculously although the ankle looks terrible, I can walk with no problem at all, so when one has to twist an ankle in the beginning of a grand tour, then this was the way to do it !

Staying in the same hotel for almost a week is a great chance too go for a walk in the night with our colleagues, Pontevedra is very beautiful.

vuelta 2013-1302


And friday night there was a celtic fest going on in town… very cool

vuelta 2013-1310



Let’s get the menues going…


Friday nights Dinner:

  • Tomato and herb salad
  • Gravlax and green leaves
  • Chicken sesame and honey crust, roasted couliflower
  • pork neck with mustard glace and sweet potatoes

vuelta 2013-1231

Saturday nights dinner…

  • roasted Broccoli, buckwheat, and croutons
  • crisp green salad
  • White beans with pork cheeks and lemon zest
  • Balsamico and honey chicken with grilled leeks
  • apple and raspberry crumble


vuelta 2013-1338

This grand tour is gonna be great… stay tuned for the next blog entry.

Viva España


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