Packing for Spain #lavuelta #teamsaxotinkoff

It’s been a while… and now I’m back – this time the destination is Spain, more precisely La Vuelta España.

It’s a great group of people on this trip – so the kitchen crew is excited. Truck is coming all fixed up and shiny, can’t wait – I just love that truck. So tomorrow my apprentice and I are off, we arrive a day before every one so we can get things up and running, shopping and preparing for one of my favorite races of the year.

If you haven’t all ready seen who’s on our team for this race – here they are, and don’t forget to follow them on twitter:

Vuelta España 2012

I will do my best to update the blog daily with menus and pictures, if the internet connection gods lets me.

Stay tuned – for an exciting month.

Viva España


Remember to follow on twitter and facebook for lots of fun pics and updates.

Mean while practice your omelette making here


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