2nd restday – Jonathan vs. Ventoux #TDF #teamsaxotinkoff

My apprentice Jonathan is very excited about cycling and so we made an agreement that if he did the breakfast on the rest day he could go to mount Ventoux – and so he did.

I arrived around 10.30 from my far far away hotel and Jonathan and the body therapist Kristoffer was on their way to climb the bald mountain – a battle Jonathan had waited for the last ten years. When he was twelve he had turn around and go back down half way up the mountain – So unfinished business had to be taken care of!

Mean while I was busy in the truck making lunch being interviewed by journalists from velonews.com and bicycling magazine amongst others. Lunch time serving was an old school classic danish “æggekage” or spanish style tortilla… more or less the same, but tasty it was. Lunch was as follows:

  • æggekage with feta, ham, potato, zucchini and red pepper
  • Heart salad with , chicken, dried ham, cellery, apple and pesto
  • freshly baked rolls and gluten free nut bread.
TDF 100 dailystews.com-0243


After lunch when kitchen truck rush hour was over I got a message from Kristoffer: “I’m at the top of the mountain, still waiting for Jonathan” Ok, I thought at least one of them made it up!

Later I got the Call: ” I MADE IT!!!!, We are on our way back now” Awesome I thought Now Jonathan had conquered the long awaited battle of the bald mountain. The riders was very impressed that Jonathan and Kristoffer had gone up Mount Ventoux, at first they thought it was a joke, but then they got the full story of their pain and suffering and THEN they believed!

TDF 100 dailystews.com ventoux-

Jonathan on the top of mount Ventoux – Photo: Body therapist Kristoffer

So since restday doesn’t apply to the kitchen truck, Jonathan had to cook dinner with me for the riders – after his own mountain stage.

Dinner on the rest day:

  • Tuna sashimi on sushi rice with cucumber ribbons, seaweed and the whole soy -ginger – wasabi thing!
  • Coleslaw
  • green salad, semi dried tomato, parmasan
  • Chicken, balsamico and fresh corn
  • Fresh fruit


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