Stage 14 – and they are back #teamsaxotinkoff #TDF

Summer time in France means lots and lots of traffic, so we where stuck in endless queues of campers and cars packed up ready for vacation. We arrived around four in the afternoon, Jonathan went straight out shopping, since sunday and Bastille day was up followed by the 2nd rest day so we had to fill up for those days. I got going in the kitchen truck with dinner.

As I was prepping away I had a very special guest come by, Guy Andrews, the editor of Rouleur Magazine  He had one of his photographers with him, Taz Darling. They had the tour of the truck and we chatted about the book and they saw the dinner come together… I feel honored by their visit.

1 TDF 100

Guy, Taz and Fredrik

Our group got bigger, everyone came back to stay with us for the rest of the tour. Photographer Fredrik Clement, Journalist Niels Chr. Jung, some more staff and sponsors and then of course Bjarne – We all love it when Bjarne is around. Every one was there and ready, ready for Mount Ventoux – The bald mountain that was waiting for the Riders to conquer it on stage 15 of the Tour de France 100e.


Dinner of the night:

  • Orange, clove and cardamomme steamed cauliflower, oranges and fennel with cranberries
  • eggs, heart salad, apple and watercress with balsamic dressing
  • New potatoes with roasted chicken
  • Artichokes and duck breast
  • poached Abricot, yoghurt and mango sorbet
Duck and artichokes

Duck and artichokes

1 TDF 100

cauliflower, orange and cranberries with fennel

Check out the clip from DR when they came in and filmed live – where I served a ginger pure for the host:!/20:36



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