Stage 13 – the team breakaway #TDF #teamsaxotinkoff

This Tour we havn’t had the chance to stay at the same hotel with Orica Green edge and their chef Nicki, but luckily we ran into him and Jesper Boom From belkin at a gas station for a quick hug and a chat, they seemed like they where enjoying the tour.

What a stage, 5 guys in the break away – AMAZING!

TDF 100

Snap shot from my hotelroom TV

We arrived at a tiny hotel in a very quiet village – two team same hotel, not just any other team, no we where sharing with team SKY. Me, I personale love sharing hotels with team SKY, then I get to chat with Søren and that’s always fun!

TDF 100

Half of the danish chef mafia

TDF 100

working side by side

Menu of the day

  • Crudité salad of carrots, radish and green leaves with cranberries
  • lime leaf steamed broccoli, cucumber and mint with cashew nuts
  • Chicken curry with apple and celeriac
  • cod with sauce gribiche and caramelized onion
  • Fresh berries with orange sorbet from the Pacojet

TDF 100

If you han’t seen the Global cycling network – NOW is your change


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