Stage 12 – TV and oysters #TDF #teamsaxotinkoff

So it’s busy times at the truck we have guests every day – and we love it :)

After the Transfer we arrived at the Hotel, where two guys from the norwegian TV station was waiting for us – they where gonna do a 5 min clip about what we do and how our day is. Good fun again – it took a couple of hours to get all the things they wanted – very effective cameraman/producer.

host Henrik Orre to the right producer/camera guy to the left

host Henrik Orre to the right producer/camera guy to the left

Later The Danish TV station DR came by with their live show aften touren, we talked about the dinner for the guys the same night, the broken generator and then I did a ginger shot for the host… Well a ginger pure… In the heat of the moment and after a long day of talking to different journalist i totally forgot to strain the ginger mass for the shot… so we drank it and it was hot, and we started cracking up laughing. Well thats what happens when you come for a surprise visit :)  I think every one was happy with it anyway.

TDF 100

The menu of the night was as follows

  • pan roasted green asparagus, soft eggs and capers vinaigrette with cornichons and lemon
  • Goats cheese, beets and frisee salad with honey walnuts
  • Duck breast on red cabbage with haselnut oil
  • coq au vin with puy lentils and slow cooked onion
  • mixed berry clafoutis with cherry sorbet

After dinner ALL the riders came out for coffee and sat around for half an hour – best tour tradition in the truck ever!

evening gathering

evening gathering

Later Sean the chef from Garmin came by with his colleagues and a big box of oysters, that he was given earlier the same day – WOW, they where amazing. I have not had oysters that good in a Looooong time – straight out of the water – AMAZING!

TDF 100


Uhh, and check out Global cycling Networks first video from the truck, an interview.

It’s all for stage 12 – coming right up stage 13….


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One thought on “Stage 12 – TV and oysters #TDF #teamsaxotinkoff

  1. It looks as if you all have a really good time around that truck! You have made it into a cosy meeting place, Where everybody comes to “mom” for coffee and a chat. Lovely!

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