Stage 11 – TT Spring rolls #TDF #teamsaxotinkoff

Second day at the same hotel, not to bad – that ment no transfer so we had time all day to have visitors. This time it was the guys from Global Cycling Network, we did some different videos on how to do a few recipes, an interview and then a tour of the truck. It was fun, I fed the guys cake and coffee all day whilst making the omelets for the Time Trial. As a fun feature they put a GoPro camera on some  of my tools – very fancy!

TDF 100

After the race Bjarne came by and hung out with the sports directors for a snack.

Dinner time was up and we served the following menu:

  • Fresh spring rolls, w/ avocado, sprouts, glass noodles and peanut sauce
  • Red slaw, red cabbage, red pepper and radish in a yoghurt dressing.
  • Pork ribs with a spice rub
  • Chicken with lemongrass and lime
  • Gluten Free abricot and almond cake
TDF 100

spring rolls in the making


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