Stage 10 – Best Risotto ever #TDF #teamsaxotinkoff

After the five star experience it was time to get back to reality again – and so we arrived around 16.00 at standart three star industrial neighbourhood area hotel to stay two nights. Good parking for the truck, alright internet and clean rooms what more can you ask for.

Again I can not say how much of social magnet the kitchen truck is, we had Bjarne visiting a couple of hours after the race to just chat and chill out.

The danish TV station DR had their evening live show studio set up right out side our truck so we got to see Bjarne talk about the TT bikes for the Time trial the following day.

TDF 100

Dinner time was up and the guys where served this:

  • Caprese with baked and raw tomato
  • salad of grilled heart salad, roasted broccoli and lemon zest sautéed peas
  • Rosemary and lemon roasted chicken
  • filet of pork with charred carrots
  • Risotto with mushrooms and truffle oil
  • Pasta and tomato sauce
  • Fruit
  • Gluten Free peach cake, poached peach and fresh peach sorbet

Bjarne joined in for dinner and said that it was the best risotto he had had in a very long time – cadeau to Jonathan ! – very proud!


TDF 100

As always dessert was well accepted :)

TDF 100


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One thought on “Stage 10 – Best Risotto ever #TDF #teamsaxotinkoff

  1. Fabulous that you are cooking real food. The author Michael Pollan states, eat, eat real food, mostly vegetables and fruit. How lucky you are to be with the tour, we look forward to it every year and of course, have our favorites. Contrador sorry to say is not a favorite. Keep smiling and cooking great food.

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