Stage 9 – Burger Night #TDF # teamsaxotinkoff

Breakfast was served at 8.00 in a tiny hall way at a chatlet in Ax les Thermes, I don’t think that that many people has been squashed  in to such a small space to eat breakfast before… Well maybe, but it was tight. I left at 8.30 with Firmin the soigneur for the almost 800 km long transfer to la Baule. almost 8 hours of driving – Firmin did it all – I must admit that I took a nap or two during the transfer. We arrived at a 5 star classic beach hotel, where they drive your car to the parking and fancy things like that – it was 16.30. at 20.00 my truck arrived and we rushed in to make the promised feast for the guys BURGER!!!

TDF 100

The guys arrived 21.30 from the airport, luckily for them they where flying and not driving. They inhaled the burgers and went to rest.

Menu of the day:

  • build your own burger
  • coleslaw

TDF 100


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