Stage 8 – After dinner coffee visit #TDF #teamsaxotinkoff

I woke up to the beautiful sight of my kitchen truck, Ivan the driver had arrived at 4:00 in the morning – He is a hero. Both the riders and me are equally excited to get that truck back.

My beloved truck in the morning light

My beloved truck in the morning light

We left at 9:30 from the hotel, I had to go with Steffen the body therapist to the airport to pick up a car for him and that ended up causing a lot of traffic problems. First thing that happened was us hitting the blocked roads due to the 10 km long commercial caravane… We tried dodging it but no luck – airport was on the other side and time was not on our side either, since we had to pick up the car at 12:00. For some crazy reason we where let in by a policeman on the parcours in the middle of the caravane… not good! In between giant dogs on cars, dancing crackers and loud music we tried to blend in for enough time to make it to the road where we could get to the airport. One of the official cars, spotted us and we told them our situation, they where very kind and took us to a road where we could get out of the advertising madness and on with our business – getting the car. Finally we made it – Steffen got his car and we where back on the road – for a bit that was.

in the caravane

in the caravane

Rest day was coming up and so was sunday, so I had to shop for those days, we shopped and drove on towards Ax les Thermes and found that the roads was blocked until 20:00 – NO WAY!!! That is not possible, so we parked The rental car on the side of the road and drove on in the team car hoping we could get through the whole finishline and town to our hotel towards traffic. – Believe it or not we made it happen and I reached the Kitchen truck at 18.00 – Ohhh my goodness, what a long day in the car, slightly stresfull, but thats the TDF for you.

Dinner was whipped up in a jiffy and the riders was super happy.

  • Chicken Fajitas
  • sauteed savoy cabbage, zucchini and red pepper
  • guacamole
  • baked codfish with lemon and dill
  • crushed new potatoes with tarragon and garlic
  • pasta, tomato sauce and parmasan
  • Fresh fruit

TDF 100

After Dinner all the riders came out to the truck for de-caf coffee, and so we celebrated the arrival of the loooooooong awaited kitchen truck.

TDF 100


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