Stage 7 – Gazpacho and fresh figs #TDF #teamsaxotinkoff

This was the first day where the heat was absolutely scorching- I was boiling constantly and did everything in double the time I would normally do… Being half Scottish and half danish doesn’t help coping with the heat and funny enough I don’t like the rain to much either… Anyway I did my things.

DR journalists "freezing" due to their air circulation system

DR journalists “freezing” due to their air circulation system

Mid day the danish Radio Station P3 called me and asked if I would be in their show later the same afternoon – well of course! And so I was – It went well except for the two times where I just forgot words for completely normal things… Thanks to the 33*c that boiled my brain. Well well , they where happy and they are gonna call back again later in the tour to check in.

Happy news – My truck is ready and my dear colleague Ivan is driving all the way to Nice to pick it up and drive it back – He is just the best! Can’t wait to see that truck!

Bennati came in as no. 3 today :)

Well let’s get to it – FOOD FOOD FOOD – what did they eat ?

TDF 100

Menu of the day

  • Ice cold Gazpacho with cold pressed olive oil
  • Pineapple-tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, fresh goats cheese and avocado with tarragon
  • Chicken with fresh corn and whitewine steamed leeks
  • Sauce Ragu on pork with balsamic tomato sauce served with pasta integrale
  • brown rice steamed with star anis
  • Fresh figs and dark chokolate
  • fresh fruit

TDF 100


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