stage 5 HAPPY BIRTHDAY #tdf #teamsaxotinkoff

I love sharing hotels with the other teams, especially when it’s a team with a chef. Yesterday we had the company of team SKY and team Belkin and that means chef Søren Kristiansen and Jesper Boom – always entertaining !

TDF 100 Roche’s birthday was the same night and his birthday dinner was this:

  • cured salmon, fennel, and mint
  • heart salad with pork rilette en walnut pesto
  • herb chicken on roasted sweet potato with rosemary
  • roasted cauliflower, red pepper with thyme
  • Pasta pesto
  • old fashioned danish apple cake with a twist, blueberries and pistachio almond crumble
TDF 100

cured salmon and mint



Apple cake

Apple cake

To keep the tradition, we decorated the table and sang a song for the birthday boy.

TDF 100

Stay tuned for the next tour food update.


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