Stage 4 The Team Time Trial #TDF #teamsaxotinkoff

The day of the team time trial. It was scorching hot and Nice was stuffed to the gilles with people who had traveled from all over the world to cheer for their favorite rider and to take in the atmosphere of the Tour.

at 12.00 I served the TTT meal: omelets and rice, with ham on the side – yep this is what you eat befor a time trial. After I had served the food I went in to the center of Nice to the finish line for an interview with a danish TV station – the subject: THE GRAND TOUR COOK BOOK – YEAH!! The hosts where super excited about the book – very awesome!

TDF 100

After the interview I was invited up into the commentators booth to say hello to the danish cycling legend Jørgen Leth.

TDF 100

Aaaaaand I was lucky enough to see the guys passing the finishline – tried to snap some photos with my SLR camera and managed to get three pics, since they go with 60 km an hour (Pics coming up on facebook later). We came in 4th.

finish line in Nice at the TTT

finish line in Nice at the TTT

After the race I walked back to the hotel, squeezing my way through the masses of happy excited tour fans – that was a swetty experience. When I reached the hotel after about an hour, the riders caught up with me on their bikes and greeted me as they passed by to get to their massage.

We cooked dinner and served it for the guys 20.30, they had an hour to eat, chat and relax at the dinner table before they had to go to the Saxo Bank sponsor event at the hotel.

Jonathan and I joined and greeted our new commercial director Andreas, very nice guy, chatted a bit with him and some of the sponsors. before Bjarne presented the team, both riders and staff for everyone.

TDF 100

To mention something else – the kitchen truck. Life is so that you can plan all you want but sometimes things are out of your hands. The heart of my beloved truck has stopped, the generator needs replacing. A build in flaw caused it to break down and it was just a matter of time before this happened – so better in the beginning of the tour than in the alpes, where there are no place to get it fixed. Fingers crossed hopefully we have it back by friday if all shipping with the new one goes as planned.

The old heart is out of order

The old heart is out of order

But fear not foodies – the Chef team will make it happen anyway :

So last nights menu is as follows:

  • carrot, savoy cabbage and blueberry rawfood salad with beetroot vinaigrette
  • Green leaves, nuts and balsamic dressing
  • Filet of pork on the bone slow cooked in mustardseeds, coriander and honey
  • Chicken in red wine with zucchini and dill
  • rhubarb compote with greek yoghurt
  • pasta, rice and tomato sauce

TDF 100

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So this it it for now


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