Stage 3 The transfer #TDF #teamsaxotinkoff

Yesterday, early morning – we left at 7.15 from the hotel to catch the ferry at 9.00 to Toulon. 6,5 hours of sailing – a whole day of traveling, that tires you out almost more than working super hard in the kitchen. But luckily many of theother teams was there, so I got to hang out with the chefs from Leopard, Garmin, Europcar, OPQS and Vacansolei.

TDF 100

We sailed in to Toulon at 15:30 and where at the hotel at 18.30 – Loooooong day!

So when I arrived Jonathan was preparing dinner we had planned and I jumped in so we could finish it.

The menu of the night was the following:

  • green leaves, fennel, gojii and almond with applecider vinaigrette
  • rootselleriac slaw with garlic and parsley
  • Chicken in whitewine with mushrooms and lemon
  • slow cooked lamb rubbed in fennel and mustard seeds, served with new potatoes
  • walnut and parsley pesto with pasta integrale
  • Gluten free nut and seed bread
  • sourdough spelt bread.
TDF 100

lamb and potato

walnut pesto, root celeriac slaw and bread

walnut pesto, root celeriac slaw and bread

Saxo Bank has had some very fierce looking banners made, that are hanging all over the hotel for a sponsor event tuesday evening – very cool!

TDF 100

That’s it for stage 3

hang in there for stage 4 TTT blog entry.


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