stage 1- when a bus gets stuck #TDF #teamsaxotinkoff #GTCB

Stage 1 started from Porto Vecchio today, more or less right in front of our hotel, so it was packed with people from the early morning. I had a chance to get a good look at Alberto and Peter Sagans Bikes, incredible what the sponsors do for the team captains.

I left the hotel following the two soigneurs in a team car – they let med drive all the luggage in the caravelle, completely fine with me, since no one would be bothered with my loud singing for the next three hours. We made it 400 meters from the hotel before the entire caravane of advertising cars came towards us…

It would have taken for ever to wait, since this thing is several  kilometers long, so my colleagues made a decision to drive right through it with all lights blinking on the car – wise choice and soon we where on the road to Bastia.

We arrived around 13.00 and got settled in.

Stage today was crazy, the Orica Green edge bus got stuck under the finishline… How is that possible ? So they made a temporary finishline, that was at the three kilometer sign, but then the bus came free and they moved the line back up again – for sure some guys must not have been so happy about that, since it’s all about when to conserve energy and when to give it your all.

pic from

If that was not enough a whole bunch of guys crashed! Welcome to the tour, it’s gonna be a wild ride.

So back to the food part of the TDF, what did they eat tonight?

  • Roasted broccoli, baked peach, beetroot and walnuts
  • cucumber and tomato salad with radish in balsamic vinaigrette
  • Baked salmon with orange and ginger
  • whole roasted chicken with caramelized cauliflower and garlic
  • no need to mention pasta, rice etc…

Kitchen staff was super nice, that made my day – Two more days before I see my truck. Jonathan has been shipped over to Nice to start Prepping so that we are up and running from monday night, when the riders arrive. HURRAH, then the real Food Tour de France can start.

The Food Tour de France

Goodnight Y’all


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