Before the start #TDF #Teamsaxotinkoff

We made our way to Corsica, after 13 hour of traveling we finally reached our destination.

The small air corsica plane landed and everyone got off, picked up their luggage and walked out to find zero taxis and the message that the seven taxies in the area would have at least an hours wait. Hmm what to do… Rental car was the clear answer, so I picked up a tiny car and drove back to the airport to pick up Jonathan – well and two other guys that Jonathan had offered a ride. Simon Clarke, rider from green edge and Rudy Orland a rider from Cofidis. We had a fun little road trip talking about the excitement of their first tour de France. After we dropped them of we headed to our own hotel.

mixed team road trip

mixed team road trip

The day after everyone arrived and got settled down – everyone was pretty tired after hours of flying, driving and sailing – it’s not easy getting so many people to Corsica.

Thursday the riders went for a spin – lots of people and journalists was eager to get a glimpse of the riders and the mechanics fixing the bikes.

TDF 100

Rarely does it happen that I get to see the other danes at the same time, but yesterday made it happen, well except one: Nicki from Orica greenedge, he’s not on corsica at all – it’s not been easy getting chefs in to hotels and not kitchen vans or trucks was allowed :(. Anyway we made the best of the situation – had a great time with the danes.

The danes at the TDF

The danes at the TDF

So yesterday was the presentation, right out side our hotel.

Big stage, lots og music and dancing and then in between the teams was presented – a big crowd had gathered in front of the stage and had you not known, one would think that a rock concert was going to take place.

TDF 100

The guys looked sharp and our team was presented as the second last team before last years winning team – SKY.

So tomorrow the whole thing begins, we start our transfers and the cooking.

Stay tuned for the daily TDF update here on the blog, with menus pictures and much more.

Uhh, and check out the new video of Alberto Contador – don’t forget to sign up to win VIP tickets to the Saxo Tinkoff party.



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