At work on the road – photo: Fredrik Clement

This tuesday …. dam da da dadada daaaaaa – the book is out – THE GRAND TOUR COOKBOOK is out in danish!  (we are working hard on getting it out in english)  HURRAAAAAAHHH!!!! I cant believe that its already here ! I’m happy and excited and I hope that it will be a great inspiration for lots of people – for sure i know the recipes work !!! – And the riders can tell you that it tastes good too!

And on top of writing the whole thing I’ve also taken all the food pictures – I hope you like it.

The book is ment for all people who wants to optimize their health and performance, so weather you are a rider, runner, triathlete or just love tasty healthy food, this book is for you! It’s friendly towards different types of diets from low carb, paleostyle to nut, dairy and gluten intolerances – this book makes it easy to combine the perfect diet for you.

So for you guys I’ll give you a small sneak peak of the tasty things waiting for you.

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The book is available in all danish book stores from tuesday 18. 2013 – but you can all ready preorder it now! 

For those of you guys living in Denmark – turn on your TV monday morning for GO’ morgen Danmark on TV2, where I’ll be cooking up some tasty treats with our two riders Michael Mørkøv and Matti Breschel – don’t miss it.

I’ll post again after my book reception so you can see how it went.

Take care,


Meanwhile don’t forget to sign up for a VIP ticket to the TDF 2013 party at and check out the beautiful cyclingvideos from photographer Fredrik Clement


2 thoughts on “THE GRAND TOUR COOKBOOK #GTCB #teamsaxotinkoff

  1. Heh Hannah, let me know as soon as it’s out in English and available in Oz. Looks terrific and very tasty, Brava to you. Hugh

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