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A short entry tonight.

We’ve been in a no internet and phone signal zone for some days now… Hmm, thats when you know that you are hooked – no internet, makes you kind of øhhh…. Well not connected!

Today, we went into Vasto for a  walk and some lunch, beautiful place. And we had gelato… first time for us, this time in Italy :)

Menu tuesday,

  • apple, mozzarella and tomato with majoram
  • meatballs in tomato sauce
  • chicken and roasted carrots

So Wednesday we did

  • coq au vin
  • rabbit and puy lentils
  • beet root, goats cheese, sourdough crutons, parsley
  • green beens, pistacio, and lambs leaf

Menu tonight thursday

  • green asparagus, coppa and thyme
  • heart salad, cucumber and radish
  • pork neck and slow cooked onion
  • chicken, thyme, plums and artichoke

Tonight we had a lot of the rider visit and hang out in the truck – very nice.

It’s been some long days so it of to bed now !

Sleep tight


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And for all those danish readers: Hold øje med The Grand tour cookbook – kommer ud i juni :)


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