Thunder and twisted roads #teamsaxotinkoff #giro

Stage 3 today, I’m sitting in the kitchen truck and we should have been on the road by now on our way to the next hotel, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. There is only one road from A to B today and it so happens that it is blocked because of the race start… Soooo we have to wait in Sorrento until the race starts ( an hour or so) before we can get on with our almost 300 km long transfer on narrow winding roads down the Italian west coast. But then I have the time to write the blog entry that I couldn’t last night due to absolutely no phone og WIFI signal.

Yesterday we stayed at a hotel build on the cliffs just outside Sorrento. The view was absolutely stunning and the sound of the ocean was amazing.IMG_8100

All night long there was thunder and rain, but there is something really comforting about that.

Last nights menu… The menu before the storm!

  • Cantaloupe melon, raddiccho, heart salad and fennel
  • pinto bean salad, arugula, parmesan and balsamic dressing
  • chicken breast rolled with parsley, lemon and thyme
  • Beuf Stroganoff with red onion and red pepper


Giro 2013-8094


we are going to arrive at the hotel late !!! so there goes that shopping trip down the drain – tomorrow we have a car available hopefully, so we can fill up the fridges again.

I think the guys are getting a dessert tonight, just have to think of something delicious first – but then hey, I have an ocean of time today in the truck to think about that. And now you are thinking, can’t she just cook whilst they are driving – answer is NO, first of all it’s not legal, second of all Unbelievably dangerous to use knifes if the ground is moving underneath you, so I’ll just have to sit and plan the future menues and maybe sleep a little.

Giro 2013-8112


We are on the move shortly, so that’s it from me now

take care Y’all


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And for all those danish readers: Hold øje med The Grand tour cookbook – kommer ud i juni :)


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