Stage 1 – John Dory with love #teamsaxotinkoff #giro

The Giro has begun, 3 weeks traveling through Italy begins and more importantly three weeks of  looking after our 9 guys and me and my chef apprentice. One super important rule for the kitchen crew is: don’t go full gas from the beginning – keep a steady pace and everyone will make it through.

breakfast time

Stage 1 of the Giro is over and now the show can begin!

Tomorrow is the TTT (team time trial) on a small Island not that far from here, so I’ve made lunch boxes for 14 staff members plus the food for the guys after the race so no one goes hungry tomorrow!

Gotta get up at 5:15… Which is more or less like living in a different timezone for me, so I’ll keep it short  tonight.

Menu of the day:

  • roasted broccoli, raddichio, heart salad and fresh ricotta cheese with mustard vinaigrette
  • seaweed wraps with quinoa, carrot, cucumber, avocado mousse and pickled ginger 
  • Baked John dory with herb and lemon oil
  • Whole roast chicken stuffed with apple, dried abricot and sage
  • baked sweet onions

we always serve wholegrain pasta and rice, two types bread and pesto or tomato sauce!

I had a fish for dinner myself – unbelievably tasty!

Giro 2013-8017

Time for a few hours of resting before the alarm goes off!

see Ya!


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2 thoughts on “Stage 1 – John Dory with love #teamsaxotinkoff #giro

  1. Hannah – any chance you have a photo of the seaweed wraps? I’m a big fan of quinoa so I’d love to see how you made them.

    Mendip 5000

  2. Hannah – any chance of a photo of the seaweed wraps? I’m a fan of quinoa so would be intrigued to see how they looked.

    (apologies if this is a re-post – thought I’d already done it but it isn’t here???)

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