The Giro d’Italia theme #teamsaxotinkoff #Giro2013

May 2nd.

The theme for this years Giro is whole is awesome, as in whole cooked veggies, whole fruits with sorbet of own fruit flesh inside etc. – it’s gonna be great !

After breakfast we got lunch ready and then went shopping at the local mall, a space surrounded by stray dogs and concrete buildings. We filled a cart with the small things we couldn’t order from the hotel and in the middle of the shopping spree we and into Chef Søren from team sky. What a great surprise, we chatted for five minutes, high fived and got on with our business. This year we are on the same hotel for 3 days with sky, so there will be plenty of time to hang out with fellow chef colleagues.


Lunchtime came up:

Nice big salad with eggs, ham, goats cheese, chicken and tasty veggies with apple vinegar- mustard dressing.

Lunch time

Today our kitchen had three riders visiting: First Rory with his mexican salsa verde , then Matti straight after training and finally Manuelle just before lunch – it’s nice to know that they care about where the food comes from ;)

Rory and the salsa verde

Matti says hello

To make sure we get the most out of our time here in the beginning, we have been busy making stuff ahead – the one thing I think the riders care the most about: Sorbet – three different ones :) Can’t tell you which ones though (it has to be a surprise)

Then Dinnertime came and the menu was the following:

  • avocado and tomato salad with lime and parsley
  • lemon and anise infused cauliflower with tahini dressing, lemon zest and arugula
  • Baked aubergine (melanzane- my favorite veg name in italian) with thyme, chive oil and parmasan
  • Slow cooked rosemary and garlic chicken
  • Rice with poached new onions


Now it’s of to dreamland for som hour before it starts all over again.

So long..


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