Count down #giro2013 #teamsaxotinkoff

May 1. in Napoli- it’s 30*c. Haven’t felt that since the Vuelta Espana.

We arrived last night around quarter to midnight, went straight to bed and got up again at 8. Since Italian Breakfast tables aren’t very suitable for my kind of diet we went straight to the truck around 9. That truck is just amazing, I was super happy to be back in it again.

We unpacked all the food that I had ordered from the hotel – that should last us for a day or so…

The start up on a grand tour is always lots of work for the chef team, since we have breakfast, lunch and dinner for 9 hungry guys the three days before the race starts.

Jonathan unpacks

Jonathan unpacks

We had a brillant day, got lots of stuff done finished early-ish so we could join the staff dinner ( eating our own food ).

Truck driver Ivan had his birthday today so we whipped up a little something for him, genoise cake with tonga vanilla custard and fresh berries.

birthday cakes for Ivan

birthday cakes for Ivan

It seemed like a great succes, since nothing was leftover.

Well of course we also cooked a nice light meal for the riders:

  • Caprese ( when in Italy…)
  • romaine salad, parmesan and applevinegar dressing
  • chicken with thyme under the skin, grilled lemon and fresh parsley.
  • roasted potatoes and fresh herbs
  • Glutenfree pumpkinseed bread
  • sourdough speltbread


Giro 2013-7948

And of course our new team olive oil.


Tomorrow, we go shopping for the missing items, so there is a busy day ahead.

Sleep tight, I know I will.



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