Greetings from Léon #vuelta2012 #dailystews #saxobanktinkoffbank

Stage 14.

What an exciting day -after driving just over 300km, we arrived to Léon – a city with very old buildings surrounded by buildings from the 60’ies to the 80’ies… weird mix!

After a small walk round town I had to watch the last part of the stage – HOW CRAZY WAS THAT… I was standing in the front of the TV cheering for Alberto very loudly, for a fact: everyone outside could hear me… but it was really really exciting! He did an awesome job i think :)

As a usual part of the day I get greeted by the sports directors with a plan for the evening and the day after – today it looked like this:

Tristan brings the information with a smile!

Menu of the day:

  • Apple, caramelized cauliflower, tarragon and heart salad
  • black beans, pork tenderloin, pickled butternut squash and red onion
  • lasagna with semi-dried tomato
  • chicken puttanesca
  • rice and pasta
  • rosemary sourdough bread
  • carrot cake and cream cheese “frosting” with fresh blueberries
  • fruit

Early start for me and Troels tomorrow, so I’ll “hit the sack” as one would say

Sleep tight – don’t eat crap food – stay tuned for more !



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One thought on “Greetings from Léon #vuelta2012 #dailystews #saxobanktinkoffbank

  1. Do you source many of your ingredients locally? I was wondering about the logistics of having everything you need to hand, and also how long in advance do you plan the menus? I have to say, the results are first class, especially since you must often have difficult locations to work in.

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