1st rest day – 2nd chef battle results #saxobanktinkoffbank #dailystews #vuelta2012

So we made it to the other side of Spain after 1258 km in a car from Andorra to Sanxenxo, 14,5 hours in total with a lot of coffee pit-stops. We met Søren from sky in the very beginning and decided to drive in a convoy all the way – good company for all of us on a long drive like that.

We arrived at 00:30 and went in to town to find something to eat and then straight to bed because rest day was awaiting the day after. The rest day is extra work day for me and Troels, but we were prepared.

restday Lunch menu

  • Chicken cesar salad, hazelnut sourdough bread croutons
  • bonito, yellow pepper, dill and feta cheese
  • Iberico ham
  • sourdough spelt bread.
  • fruit

Rest day dinner

  • vietnameese spring rolls, with brown rice noodles and wakame seaweed, avocado, pork cheeks and mint served with a peanut sauce.
  • roasted cauliflower salad with hazelnuts
  • baked John Dory with cilantro, lemon zest and grilled lemon
  • chicken, black onion seeds, apple and red onion
  • Pasta and rice – pesto
  • sourdough bread and fruit

Yesterday the Race came right by our Hotel – so I was lucky to snap a photo of Alberto, Bruno, Sergio and Benjamin going up hill.

So after the race dinner was on:

  • rawfood salad – carrot, apple, blueberries and pecan nuts
  • pork tenderloin, grilled fennel and pickled fennel – micro herbs
  • Pearl barley “risotto” with lemon zest and chives
  • Potato mash with tarragon and black pepper
  • Chicken, broccoli and hazelnuts
  • Whole grain pasta and tomato sauce.
  • Fruit
  • strawberries and chocolate

Tonight is the last night at this hotel, it’s been amazing to stay at the same place for such a long time ( 3 days) tomorrow the whole team moves again !

So Friday is stage 3 of the vuelta chef battle – Peter from BMC is the brain behind the ingredients this time and he has chosen:

  1. apple
  2. potato
  3. chives

So remember to check in for that… And now that we are at it here are the results from the last chef battle:

This time we had 265 votes – good stuff :) Keep it coming!!!
I need to get down to the truck now,


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One thought on “1st rest day – 2nd chef battle results #saxobanktinkoffbank #dailystews #vuelta2012

  1. The meals you prepare look delicious, fancy inviting me along? The boys are very lucky to have you, good luck.

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