VOTE VOTE VOTE #vueltachefbattle 2 – the dishes #vuelta2012 #dailystews

Those lucky riders…

Friday the 24th was the day of the second vuelta chef battle Team Garmin Sharp chef Sean had chosen three ingredients:

  1. butternut squash
  2. peach
  3. dill

And so the chefs began to cook…

Team BMC – chef Peter: pumpkin peach crumble with a Greek yogurt, honey and dill salsa on the side

Team SKY – chef Søren did: pumpkin tower with goat cheese crispy flake of pumpkin peaches glazed in their own juice and a dill cream

Team Garmin-Sharp – chef Sean did: Pumkin risotto cakes topped with seared hake (merluza)fish and peach and dill chutney.

Team Saxo Bank Tinkoff Bank – chef Hannah did, spiced Butternut squash cake with peach, raw anise pickled butternut squash with fresh peach and lime zest, Fresh dill and yogurt dill ice cream

So now folks it’s up to you to vote for your favorite dish – VOTE and SHARE and SHARE some more :) Voting will be open for 24 hours and closes Sunday the 26th at midnight.


Thank you for participating in the vuelta chef battle stage 2 –

Big hugs from all the chefs :)


One thought on “VOTE VOTE VOTE #vueltachefbattle 2 – the dishes #vuelta2012 #dailystews

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