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We are in Andorra, the land of no taxes and all duty free shops – it’s easy to spend money here… Luckily I had to work so I avoided financially ruining my self today all though it was very hard – good job Hannah!!

Tomorrow we have a 1200 km transfer from one side of Spain to the other side… that is going to be crazy – the trucks all ready left, so we will have to cook in the hotel kitchen tomorrow morning for breakfast, it’s a very nice hotel so that will be fine. I think we have about 14 hours of driving including breaks for eating and so on… good thing I filled up my Iphone with podcasts, ‘cos we are gonna need them. The day after is a rest day so it’s gonna be full on from breakfast time.

As it is some times here in Spain, the Internet connection is not very good so last night I could not upload any posts – AGAIN, therefore there are two menus for you tonight.


Menu Friday the  24th

Saturday the 25th of august

  • Tomato nectarine salad
  • green leefs, pear in apple cider vinegar, ricotta with chives, basil and lemon zest
  • avocados with olive oil and lime juice
  • Pork cheeks braised with cardamom, anise, black pepper and garlic.
  • roasted potatoes
  • Chicken, pineapple and red onion
  • pasta and tomato sauce
  • fresh fruit
  • sourdough bread

Sweet dreams to all – remember to VOTE for your favorite dish at the Vuelta chef battle


SHARE with every one who loves food – Thank you!


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