Let the Battle begin – stage 2 (and results from stage 1) #saxobanktinkoffbank #vuelta2012 #dailystews #vueltachefbattle

Masa ready for the day

Yesterday, Thursday, we were in the finish town, that means that dinner is earlier than on the other days, that then means that we are finished before normal – YEAH! It was really really really warm again yesterday and I had to use my computer for really really important work stuff other than blogging and twitter ;) – The problem was that due to the heat in the truck my computer overheated , basically just like me, and wouldn’t record anything or open or close – it just froze from exhaustion… so I’m gonna try again today. Also Internet connections are not always the best … Hmmm!!!

After race food boxes

Because I’m the only female on the team I get to share a room with no-one, so of course it makes sense that I get put in a different hotel if there is not enough rooms… or something. Anyway yesterday I was 2,5k away on the wrong side of the race – so I had to hurry to the riders hotel to not get stuck in the race – resulting in Troels having to cook everything – so my break was short, but I had some extra stuff done in the truck though – always good :).

Soooooo…. Da dadada da da daaaaaaaaa – TONIGHT, Ladies and Gentlemen another battle begins – The Vuelta Chef Battle stage 2. Sean from Garmin – Sharp has chosen the three magic ingredients:

  • Dill
  • butternut squash
  • peach

Last time it went down well – but there was a little confusion to how many dishes and ingredients was allowed, but this time everything is settled:

1 dish, the three main ingredients plus add-ons such as dry products and dairy.

Only problem this time is, that Søren and Peter has had trouble finding dill – so maybe they will do with a substitute – tonight we will find out.

I will put up the pictures of all the dishes plus a Poll for voting late tonight after dinner – so remember to check back for that.

And now you are thinking – “WHO WON STAGE 1 ?”

We have had 202 votes for stage one – lets see if we can top that for tonight !


Yesterdays menu was a real comfort menu and here it is:

  • Waldorf salad – saxo bank tinkoff bank style
  • turmeric quinoa, cherry tomato, apple and caramelized onion
  • chicken, white beans and grilled fennel
  • whole wheat spaghetti bolognaise
  • Rice, spelt bread and fruit
  • greek yoghurt with mixed berries and homemade peach sorbet

Ohh, look at the time – I need to get down to the kitchen truck and start up for dinner, so long until tonight, where the exciting vuelta chef battle stage 2 happens.



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