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Being From the ever-raining cold Scandinavian country Denmark – I find myself struggling with the heat – It’s pretty simple, everything takes twice as long when it’s 40*c! Never the less food comes out of the truck and we manage to get from A to B during the day – so thats a good thing.

Today on our way we went shopping – thats all good and such, but the only small issue was that we were three people, three suitcases one breakfast box and a BMW x1 – so the two full shopping carts made it into the car with a little goodwill and less space for me and the body therapist.

We reached the hotel around 14.00 , then had a quick lunch in the truck – HURRAH for left-overs! and then had a siesta. I totally understand why things sometimes takes longer in Spain, It’s impossible to do ANYTHING from 14.00 – 18.00, it’s simply just to warm – so I had a nap :) and Troels went on the Camino… and was back in time to cook dinner.

The rest of the Vuelta España we will not be sharing hotels with any of the other teams – thats a shame – especially that we don’t get to hang out with the other chefs, but we’ll stay in touch online!

Did i mention that there is a new Vuelta chef battle on friday, Sean from Team Garmin Sharp, has chosen the three ingredients: Dill, peach and Butternut squash – that will be fun, stay tuned for that !
So due to extreme need of sleep yesterday I owe you guys the menues for two days, so here they are :

Tuesday 21st. 2012

  • Fresh spanish figs, Grilled goats cheese and heart salat
  • cous cous salad
  • Braised Pork shank, roasted red onion and dill
  • roasted chicken, cauliflower pure, clove steamed cauliflower and fresh tarragon
  • Whole grain pasta and rice
  • sour dough bread
  • fruit

Wedensday 22nd. 2012

  • roasted broccoli, beets, pine seeds, feta cheese in a lemon vinaigrette
  • Chunky Ratatouille salad
  • Pork tenderloin, piment d’esperlette and rocket salad
  • chicken and fresh corn polenta with parmesan and tarragon
  • Crushed potato, cold pressed olive oil and fresh herbs
  • whole grain pasta
  • sourdough rye bread
  • fruit

Bed time for little chefs now – good night !


Remember that you can see all the photos from today on the facebook page

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