Get ready for The Vuelta Chef Battle stage 1 #saxotinkoff #vuelta2012 #dailystews #vueltachefbattle

Ohhh my goodness, it is insanely warm here in Pamplona, 40*c, so no one is having trouble staying warm! I managed to get a tan even though I have not been exposed to the actual sunlight – I’m trying to not end up like a little red lobster lady and that kind of hard when half of my genes are Scottish!

Race starts tomorrow, so today everyone was very focused on their tasks – it makes no difference to me – today is as much work as yesterday ! Anyway cars were being scrubbed over and over again and to look shiny and bright for the team presentation, there is apparently a lot of sand in the air, so the cars get dirty fast just standing there… Well what do I know – not much about cars and the washing of them, that for sure!!!

Ahhh, I allmost forgot… The Vuelta Chef Battle is on! This time we are four teams – four chefs – and three ingredients, that Søren from Sky chose.

Just to present every one:

Søren Kristensen – Team Sky – @teamskychef

Sean Fowler – Team Garmin Sharp – @Larryvich

Peter Cambre – Team BMC – @Peter_BMC_Cook

And my self Hannah Grant – Team Saxo Bank Tinkoff Bank ( if you didn’t know…) @dailystews

So we decided to have our stage 1 of the Vuelta Chef Battle on Sunday the 19th of august with the following ingredients: Cucumber, watermelon and Eggplant (aubergine) – That will be exciting to see what everyone comes up with, since it’s not a classic combination of products – but that is the point with the vuelta chef battle… go where no one has gone before! There will of course be a blog entry devoted to that with all of the dishes for you guys to see so that you can help decide who runs of with the 1st stage win. We are planning many more chef battles during the vuelta – every time a new chef picks the ingredients and we all cook something, so stay tuned for that.

As a request from previous guests in the kitchen truck we have now purchased three wooden chairs, that we all ready have broken inn at lunch time – so now when colleagues and important guest come by we can offer them a comfortable seat other that our stairs:)

And as always, lets get down to business – what did they have to eat ?


  • Chicken in lemon vinaigrette with smoked salt, tomato and parsley
  • tuna salad with feta, apple and red pepper
  • ham and onion tortilla on crisp salad
  • dried Spanish ham
  • freshly baked bread
  • fruit


  • cold Roasted Broccoli, honey pickled onion, dried Spanish ham, Pecan nuts and apple cider vinaigrette
  • Beets, heart salad, orange zest and mustard vinaigrette
  • Chicken curry with new onions a la Troels – with Rice
  • Baked cod and Salmon – apple, cellery, radish and dill
  • pasta and tomato sauce
  • fruit and freshly baked bread

SO folks there you have it – I have no more stories to tell tonight, better sleep whilst the temperature is bearable!

Goodnight y’all


See the rest of todays pictures on facebook :) So as always I truly think you should share and follow and shout out loud to everyone that you are reading this blog and that they of course should do so too :) – Thanks a million !


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