Count down Vuelta España #Vuelta2012 #saxotinkoff #dailystews

What an amazing start Troels and I have had, Everything just fell in place: no missing suitcases, Kitchen truck arrival on time and super friendly staff at the hotel.

So these days before a grand tour starts are just like having three rest days in a row and on top of that full clean down of the truck and starting up the kitchen with shopping and prepping the basics. Normally that is a killer, but for some amazing reason everything worked out perfect – so we are up and running, READY FOR THE VUELTA ESPAÑA !!!

The truck has had minor details changed and fixed so it spinning flawlessly – one new feature is the super great water hose in the back of the truck, this makes floor washing fast and efficient – YEAH! cos’ we like fast and efficient :)

around eleven the guys went for a spin and just before they went off they posed for a picture for the fans – and I took my chance to snap a photo as well :)

After the ride lunch was ready and as normal rest-day procedure, we kept it light and simple:

  • tuna salad with red pepper, cucumber and egg
  • chicken in mustard vinaigrette on crisp leafs with avocado and pine-seeds
  • cut ham, fruit and fresh bread


After lunch comes dinner… and after a small break for Troels and I, we cooked up a little something for the guys:


  • Caprese – balsamic pickled tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, capers, fresh mozzarella and rocket
  • tomato-paprika bulgur with allspice roasted cauliflower and grilled spring onion
  • Lemon, garlic, tarragon chicken with smoked salt
  • meatballs in tomato sauce and fresh parsley
  • whole grain pasta,
  • flaxseed and spelt bread
  • fruit :)

Busy day tomorrow for everyone, so I’m gonna daze of into dreamland – YEAH !!!


remember to visit the facebook page for more pictures from today and of course follow dailystews on twitter :) When that is said, don’t forget to share with the world – Thank you !!!


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