Rounding up the Tour de France going for the Vuelta España #vuelta2012 #saxotinkoff

So we made it to Paris, everyone was very happy :)

The last night before we hit Paris the menu was the following:

  • plated Baked cod with a crudité of beets, apple and fennel, cauliflower cous cous – fresh herbs and olive oil
  • Duck breast, pickled red cabbage, caramelized onion and a duck glaze
  • crushed potatoes with lemon zest and tarragon – cold pressed olive oil
  • dessert madness: Creme brulee, brownie and rasperry sorbet, “rød grød med fløde” and Tiramisu… all in small versions :)



Troels and I have had some time of and today we leave for 27 days in Spain…
Stay tuned for the Vuelta España 2012 – where Troels and I twist the delicious Spanish products into tasty exciting dishes and don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Vuelta España Chef battle: four teams, four chefs – all the same ingredients!
Viva España !

– Hannah


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