The end is near, Paris is sooooo close #saxotinkoff #TDF12

TT today, theres only one stage left and thats the one that leads to Champs Elysees I know every one is looking forward to that.

Yesterday Troels and I had the joy of driving 10 hours, 600k in a truck – What a long transfer… I absolutely hate looooong transfers, especially in a truck that can go no faster than 90k an hour. Any way we made it to the destination in Luce, where the team where gonna stay for two nights – except Troels and I who had to stay 6k away in two different hotels… YAY!!! Luckily it was in Chartre, the start town of today and that is a very nice place, so it was not that bad.

The day before, Thursday, we stayed at the comfort Inn again with Omega Pharma Quickstep, and the chef Tom and I decided to cook up a BBQ forthe staff of both teams to enjoy – It didn’t quite turn out as planned, but the food was there and it was good. The same night the riders ate in two groups because they where back so late from the race. This was the day where Chris Anker got his fingers cut upon his spokes trying to get a newspaper out of his wheel – he finished the stage with a bleeding hand and was rushed to the hospital for a check up.
I can’t believe how high a pain tolerance he has – it’s absolutely out of this world. So the day after everyone was worried that he was not gonna get on the bike – but he did AND he finished – as I’ve said before – He is a Champion!!!

Tonight we are cooking up a nice dinner for the boys to enjoy and after the service we have a full truck to clean down completely so that it’s ready for the Vuelta Espana – we are gonna have a long evening in front of us but the good thing is that Paris is near so it doesn’t matter!!!
I am one menu down so here that comes:

Thursday the

  • beet root, mango and pommegranate salat with rocket
  • Salad Caprese
  • cous cous with cucumber, tomato, mint, chives, lemon zest, sultanas and apple
  • chicken with roasted carrots, parsley and lemon
  • slow roasted pork with caramelized cauliflower and tarragon.
  • pasta and tomato sauce
  • fruit and sourdough bread
  • Tiramisu

Friday the

food in the bus on the 400k long transfer

  • coleslaw
  • potato salad
  • chicken
  • cous cous salad

I have to say, that I’m so proud and happy that we have still got all nine riders left in the tour, only 4 teams have managed that – Pretty cool AND, that we are car number 10 out of 22, so that means we have done so much better that every one expected.

I’m gonna take a nap now – so I can be fresh for the dinner and the big clean down!


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One thought on “The end is near, Paris is sooooo close #saxotinkoff #TDF12

  1. I think that Team Saxo bank Tinkoff and all its members are a fantastic team, and they have all done a great great job. One has the feeling of great teamwork, so I think you can all be proud!

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