2.nd rest day #teamsaxobanktinkoffbank #TDF12 #restday

So the 2.nd rest day finally came – I think I can speak for every one when I say that it’s truly needed!

We kicked of yesterday with Nicki coming in 4.th – It was so so so close again, He really showed the team colors – Could have been amazing with a stage win – but there’s still time to make that come true. As the gentle man Nicki is he came in to the truck and gave me the beautiful flowers he had received for being the most aggressive rider of the stage – I love it when the riders bring flowers to the kitchen ! Thank you Nicki :)

So Since it was the evening before the rest day it was time for yet another feast and this time Bjarne decided on homemade burgers – What a great succes! Well Burger is always a succes … and for dessert a danish classic “koldskål” a cold buttermilk soup – at first they where not to impressed with the look of it, but then they had a taste – and they absolutely loved it! YEAH!

So I’m one menu short so here that comes:

Menu Sunday the 15.7.12

  • salad of roasted cauliflower, cranberries and parsley in a lemon- mustard vinaigrette
  • green leafs, thinly sliced cold duck breast,  hazelnut, blueberries and apple with black onion seeds
  • Danish classic: Boller i karry (meatballs in curry sauce)
  • brown rice pilaw
  • chicken puttanesca and whole wheat pasta
  • fruit and sourdough bread
  • brownie with mango and mint

Menu Monday the 16.7.12 night before rest day

  • plated starter: pan fried cod, tarragon emultion, fennel crudité with lemonzest and chives and sourdough bread croutons
  • Make your own Burger with 4000 things to put inside :)
  • Kold skål with raspberry cake crumble

Today we started with breakfast at 9.00 then press meeting at 10.30 and straight thereafter a small ride for the riders and back in time for lunch at 14.00 and Now the real rest day starts for the guys !

Lunch menu 17.7.12

  • Egg, parma ham and pickled tomato with rocket salad
  • Tuna salad, yellow pepper, tarragon, pickled onion, chives and feta cheese on romaine with new potatoes in dill and lemon zest
  • Chiken apple and sweet onion
  • sour dough baguette

So now I’m gonna have my 1,5 hour rest day !

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Happy resting to all –



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