Mørkøv the breakaway hawk #teamsaxobanktinkoffbank #TDF12 #moerkoev

It’s true what they say, Michael has been in the breakaway more than 700 km in total on the tour so far – WOW, what a determination, I respect those guys so much – it’s a hard job… Well so is mine but it’s different :)
Dessert dessert dessert – It’s on every ones lips, yep I did make a dessert for the guys… Michael had asked for Old fashioned danish apple cake earlier in the tour – so I thought I would make that tonight :)

We also had a visit from the live danish TV program aften touren, for a small talk on food, dessert and riders. http://www.dr.dk/TV/se/aftentour-2-12/aftentour-2-12-13




This is what it’s all about :)

Here comes the menu of the day:

  • Quinoa salad, tomato, cucumber, cashew and  mint in a lemon dressing with sultanas
  • Potato salad, roasted brocoli, cranberries, pine seeds and rucola with mustard vinaigrette
  • Lasagna :) – all time favorite
  • chicken with a Hazelnut crust and sauteed savoy cabbage
  • whole wheat pasta and pesto
  • fruit and sourdough bread
  • Old fashioned apple cake with whipped cream (just a little bit)Image

Time for a little 7 hour nap – au revoir !


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