Climb, Chris and Cake #teamsaxobanktinkoffbank #TDF12

We left the Radisson Blu hotel after a whole game of cycling team tetris – where two teams and all the medical cars had to maneuver around a tiny courtyard to get out – it’s amazing to see those guys drive giant trucks and busses on such a small space – i know i would have a hard time doing that even in a car !

Then the transfer was to LA TOUSSUIRE – we had to go the exact same route as the riders, so we got to see what was waiting for them uphill.

Lots of people had gathered on the climb to cheer and support the riders coming up hill.


Chris Anker was in the break away all day and did so well, he came in as No. 7 – it was a close one… so close to have been no. 2 – He’s a champion!!! So there for the rule is: Dessert!

After dinner the boys had to go to a sponsor event – They where very tired thats for sure so i think none of them had troubles sleeping after that.

Menu of Thursday the of july

  • Raddichio, melon, parma ham and pine seeds
  • roasted broccoli, red cabbage, and hazelnuts
  • Chicken curry with courgette, onion and brown rice
  • Lamb shanks with cumin and garlic, puy lentils and root celleriac
  • Whole wheat pasta, pesto
  • fruit and sour dough bread
  • raspberry muffins

The Lamb was a great succes, they where so happy about the whole thing after that looooong loooong looooong stage.

I have to start cooking now – stay tuned for tonights chef battle cook off between Garmin- Sharp chef Sean, Team sky chef Søren and myself …. Same ingredients different dishes !!!


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One thought on “Climb, Chris and Cake #teamsaxobanktinkoffbank #TDF12

  1. Hannah, de der muffins ser så lækre ud! Der kommer tilfældigvis ikke en opskrift på dem senere? :)

    PS. kæmpe skulderklap til alle gutterne – de gør det godt!

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