Wednesday came and… #teamsaxobanktinkoffbank #TDF12

The last meal on the rest day has to be easily digestible so it’s usually fish and chicken on a night like that.

Last night the Riders had an easy light meal Asian style:

  • Miso soup with chives and radish
  • chirashi with cooked salmon, avocado, cucumber and sprouts
  • chicken teriyaki sticks
  • whole wheat pasta
  • sautéed savoy, cranberries and carrots
  • mixed berries, with chocolate and yoghurt

The soigneurs had planned a BBQ for the whole staff, so we all gathered up around the mechanics truck for a nice meal – Awesome initiative :) I like that we hang out like a team should do !



Wednesday came and….

So not every thing can be perfect all the time – all though I want it to be … So this morning we had our first encounter with with the generator… I could not turn it on!!! ARRRGGHHHHH!!!!! – We where at Campanile, the hotel that has no kitchen and my generator wont work – How can this happen? Well you can’t expect a brand new truck to just work perfect from the beginning – well so far it had done that but of course time had come for the generator to show who was the boss. We managed to serve breakfast using the bake-off oven at the hotel and the only two functioning burners in the “kitchen”… I think I was actually really calm during the whole scenario. Inaki, the mechanic looked at the generator with Troels and found out that it was time to change a filter and some oil – I have not got much knowledge when it comes to that kind of stuff, but luckily Troels understands it, so him and Inaki found the problems and the solutions – So NOW the whole thing works again – YEAY !!!


After the days transfer we reached a lovely Radisson Blu hotel, theres nothing like a good bed when you are really really really tired. I truely need a rest day of my own soon!

Today Kroon and Mørkøv was in the breakaway – good job! Mørkøv came to the truck after the race for a small chat and just threw the question in to the air… : Do we get dessert today then ? … Well I kind of have set myself in a situation where they get a reward for doing something extraordinary … so the answers was again: ” I’ll see what I can come up with”!


So the menu of the day turned out to be:

  • roasted cauliflower, gojii berries, roasted almond and tarragon salad
  • pearl barley, mango, mint and garlic roasted fennel
  • Chicken danoise (a classic danish chicken dish served with rhubarb compote and pickled cucumbers and potatoes on the side with a redwine sauce
  • wholegrain pasta and freshly made pesto ala genovese
  • fresh fruit and sourdough bread
  • poached pine apple and raspberry ice cream

Thats it for today – time to get some shut eye!


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