The rest day #teamsaxobanktinkoffbank #TDF12 #restday

So last night was the feast before the rest day – It’s the night where Bjarne chooses what they have for dinner and the choice was Lovely organic steaks. We are staying at campanile – not exactly the first priority when it comes to rest days, but this one is actually all right.

Some of the riders wifes are visiting and that means extra help for me in the kitchen :) Nicki Sørensen’s two Girls are always up for helping out with the cooking, so we had a good time making desserts with them.

The Feast from last night was:

  • smoked salmon, apple, chives, sheeps yoghurt with smoked salt and herbs and crunchy crutons
  • home made semidried tomatoes with capers and mozzarella
  • Organic steak, with salt baked selleriac and spring onion poached with cloves, red wine sauce and roasted potatoes
  • Chocolate mousse 70% with fresh berries

They all seemed very happy with the food and Michael revealed that the chocolate mousse had been voted 10 out of 10 points on the dessert rang … That pretty good I would say, they are tuff critics when it comes to the sweets, so I’m very happy to have reached top grade for that dessert.

You can see the rest of the pictures from the feast on the facebook page

Today For breakfast there was another little treat – American pancakes with blueberries, it’s not so bad being a saxo-tinkoff rider! So after breakfast at 9.00 there was a press meeting at 10.00 all the danish journalists had assembled in our small hotel to get interviews with the riders and Bjarne.

After the meeting, every one went for a small ride and then back for lunch at 14.00

lunch menu was the following:

  • Chicken, peach, cranberries and hazel nuts
  • Tuna salad, cucumber, capers and apple
  • tomato and egg
  • parma ham and cornichons
  • freshly baked sourdough spelt bread

So now it’s my turn to rest – next meal is at 20.00 so I can just get a couple of hours chill time – WUUHUUUU!!!

Remember that you can go to the facebook page for more pictures and you can also follow the Tour from the kitchen on twitter – SHARE SHARE SHARE with friends and family and even pets – they will love it too!

Happy resting to all :)



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