2 x menues #teamsaxobanktinkoffbank #TDF12

So a short entry again…  but better less than nothing :)

menu of the day saturday 7.7.12

  • cauliflower- celleriac soup
  • white bean dip
  • chick pea salad with yellow pepper, fennel, mint and white peach
  • potato salad, cucumber, radish and smoked salt yoghurt dressing
  • chicken meat balls
  • chicken with corn, tarragon and apple
  • whole grain pasta, sourdough bread and fresh fruit

menu of the day sunday 8.7.12

  • tomato, avocado, pine seed and feta cheese
  • dried duck breast, romaine lettuce, cranberries and pickled onion
  • quinoa, roasted broccoli, apple and pommegranate
  • chicken curry with peach, onion, cashew and apple
  • brown rice, whole grain pasta
  • sour dough bread, fresh fruit
  • strawberries and cream

I’ll have to get up early for the TT breakfast tomorrow – so goodnight!

see more pictures on facebook


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