dessert again… #teamsaxobanktnkoffbank #TDF12

I have had this issue, where I can’t sleep… So i get 5-6 hours in the night and then I’m so tired during the afternoon, that only gallons of coffee can make up for it. So today I tried something new – sleeping in the car! Troels was driving today – so I thought I would give it a go. It kind of worked, I didn’t fully sleep, but i slumbered a bit – I’m gonna try again tomorrow, If Troels can do it so should I .

We went shopping before we started cooking, so a trip to a giant Auchan to get a couple of days worth of stuff, I think we picked every single item in the store that din’t have a bar code or some thing was wrong so it took for ever to get out of there… anyway we finally made our way out and back to the hotel in time so we could cook and set up for The boss when he got back from the stage.

All in all it was a good day… better for some than others.

JJ came in as number 5, Karsten won the sprint, Michael still has the mountain jersey… but some of the guys crashed – I hate it when it happens, luckily it was nothing to serious, so every one is still in the game.

Michael came with his flowers again and said: “so then do we get dessert tonight ?” and what can you answer to that… Sure I’ll see what I can do – they all did so well ! Luckily we have an ice cream machine, so I spun some raspberry – lime sorbet for them to cool down with.

It’s a little weird, when the hotels split up the riders from the rest of the team, it seems so isolated, plus the truck was far far away from the restaurant so I didn’t see them that much this night – it’s definitely better when every one sits together and we can go back and forth from the truck to the restaurant in less than 5 minutes.

Lets get to the point: what did the boys have for dinner tonight:

todays menu

  • brandade of cod, soft boiled eggs and tomato
  • coleslaw with mustard vinaigrette
  • Whole roasted chiscken with apple and hazelnut filling, served with pickled cherry tomato
  • flounder with mustard pickles and new potatoes with dill
  • whole grain pasta
  • sourdough spelt bread
  • raspberry- lime sorbet and fruit

Make some awesome dinners at home and let me know if you have tried out some of our things :)

farewell for know,


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