Ice cream treat #teamsaxobanktinkoffbank #TDF12

Long transfer today, about three hours drive to an industrial area, where we are staying at campanile… Mhmm!

This morning i talked to Karsten Kroon and Nick Nuyens – I told them that I had made ice cream, and if they did well today they would have some after dinner , which meant dessert two days in a row. So what happens today: JJ makes it over the finish line as number 3, super awesome!! So as promised I served them my homemade vanilla-coffee ice cream fresh from my amazing Paco Jet. They loved it – so that’s not the last time they get that :)

When the riders came back today, Michael Mørkøv gave me his flowers – Very sweet, something I appreciate a lot, and they look so great in the kitchen truck!

Our other doctor Piet, had his birthday today, so we made a Banana cake for the whole staff to enjoy :) – I feel like there’s always a lot of birthdays on all the trips I’m on… Well it means cake for every one :)


So what did the boys have for dinner ?

  • Vietnamese style soup with rice noodles and veggies
  • salad of beet root, pickled red cabbage, pink grape fruit, heart salad, and hazelnuts
  • slow cooked pork with savoy cabbage and broccoli
  • chicken, cashew, courgette and coriander
  • roasted potatoes
  • whole grain pasta
  • fruit and sourdough bread
  • Brownie with home made vanilla-coffee ice cream

I think that went down pretty well – they all seemed to like the ice cream a lot :)

Time for me to sleep…


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