Polka dot dessert version 2 #teamsaxobanktinkoffbank #TDF12

Whau, Mørkøv did it again – he sure deserves to wear that cool looking jersey – Mountain man Mørkøv!

So yet again I decided to do another polka dot dessert :) – recipe will come tomorrow!


I’m still in love with my truck – it just gets better and better for every day!

Just before dinner the riders popped out to have a look inside the truck, they seem to like it – well i guess they like what comes out of it and therefore they like the truck as well :) Any way it’s always nice with a visit.

Tomorrow the team is divided in to two different hotels, since there is not enough space at one single place, That is a little inconvenient for me, since I have to drive back and forth between the hotels at night and again in the morning -anyway, I hope they are not to far away from each other – either way i know I will survive AND the riders will have their food.

A little information for the danish readers: I was told that there will be an article in a danish news paper about me tomorrow… so if you live in Denmark, have a look at Ekstra bladet tomorrow !


Let’s get to it:

Menu of the day –

  • Cauliflower soup with dill and lemon zest – served with a topping of hazelnut, garlic and chives in olive oil
  • salad of roasted selleriac root, fresh apple, figs in raspberry vinegar, mache and dehydrated raspberry
  • spaghetti bolognaise
  • chicken in balsamic, rosemary and honey – pickled cherry tomatoes
  • Polka dot dessert version 2
  • fresh fruit and sour dough bread

So that’s all for today !

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You can also follow me on twitter for exciting updates all day long !

Thank you for reading, Sleep tight – I know I will :)

– Hannah


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