The new wonder of the world #teamsaxobanktinkoffbank #TDF12

I’ve been waiting for this day for a loooong looong loooooooooooooong time… The day of the arrival of the kitchen truck.

Up at 5.30 to have breakfast ready at 7.30… Then a quick breakfast and yet another cup of coffee and then back into the kitchen to set everything up for lunch and dinner, so we could be ready to greet the new amazing wonder child of the team – after the plan it was to arrive at the hotel at 11.00, but ended up here at 15.00 – but better late than never :)


I was so out-of-this-world excited to see the interior, that I had drawn on a piece of paper months earlier and handed over to the kitchen company, that then build every single item from scratch. Was it gonna be just like I had imagined or what ?

Reality was: It was Perfect! Better than i could ever have wished for, Brand new professional kitchen equipment,  windows, and hydraulics for leveling  the truck as well as opening the back end – I must admit that I was in some kind of crazy ecstatic state of mind. THANK YOU BJARNE!


So we started from one end unpacking all the stuff that I had brought from Denmark, then all the gear from the old truck, that we picked up yesterday in Lier. That took some hours to figure out where what should go and so on, but we finished up at 19.00 in time to serve dinner for the guys.

SEEN FROM THE FAR END -before unpacking!


So tomorrow we have to clean down everything before we can start the real fun: cooking for the riders.

Anyway… more about the cool truck tomorrow!

Todays lunch for the boys – Lets keep it simple, whilst the truck is getting ready !

Light lunch time

  • Salmon, eggs, tomato and dill
  • mustard and rosemary marinated chicken breast, sweet pickled onions and fresh abricots
  • fresh bread, fruit and Avocados

And not to forget the dinner:

  • caramelized onion soup
  • cauliflower in three ways salad: roasted, raw and poached stems with parsley, sultana and mustard dressing
  • quinoa salad, avocado, tomato, spring onions and chives.
  • Chicken in soy and ginger with basmati rice
  • fresh bread and fruit

That’s all for now – Time to dream about the new truck !



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One thought on “The new wonder of the world #teamsaxobanktinkoffbank #TDF12

  1. Hi HAnnah! You look and sound soooo happy forf your new kitchen, mind you , it is very very nice. I hope you both will behappy working in it. looking forward to future stories!

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