A busy day today… #TDF12 #teamsaxobanktinkoffbank

A short little update …

A busy day today getting the last things set up for the kitchen truck arrival tomorrow.

Early start and 4 times back and forth from Lanaken to Lier  (112 km one way) to pick up all the gear from the old truck, then back at the hotel at 16.00 and straight in the kitchen to get set up for dinner at 20.00, for all the riders that arrived today.


packing all the goodies from the old truck



mechanics truck new wrapping

So standing in front of the mechanics truck – I think of tomorrow, where the wonder truck of the world will come rolling – I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

I have big plans for the meals that will exit from that truck, and I’ll keep you posted on that during the tour.


Old Kitchen truck interior waiting for the new truck


front of the cars

There is a lot of work waiting for me and Troels tomorrow, early breakfast for the riders, CLEANING, CLEANING, CLEANING and then unpacking everything in to the new truck that will arrive around 11.00-  all this happens whilst we serve three meals for the 9 riders… Soooo there fore I’m of  to dreamland ASAP.


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