And so it soon begins #TDF12 #teamsaxobanktinkoffbank

The last two hours in my own kitchen before a whole month of cycling, cooking and traveling in France. New co sponsor, New tour, NEW KITCHEN TRUCK!!

I’m super excited to see it and to get everything set up, It’s gonna be some extremely busy days prior to the race with three meals a day and installing a brand new kitchen, getting to know every little corner of it – Can’t wait!

We are picking up the interior from the old truck tomorrow morning some what 100 k from the hotel – I can barely remember what was in it – it’s been a long time since we las used it – Vuelta Espana… Any way we have to go through all these boxes in a few hours and then make it back to the hotel in time for late lunch for the riders ( well we are gonna make lunch boxes so hopefully the hotel staff will help us hand them out).

Soooo back to the new wonder of the team… Heres a drawing pre-view, It’s gonna be AMAZING!!!

The truck will hopefully arrive tomorrow evening/night , so we can get an early start cleaning it down and setting it up – Pictures will follow i promise you that :)

I think it’s gonna be a good tour – i know I will not be in lack of equipment !!! WUP WUP WUP!

Now, I’m gonna finish packing all my gear and I’ll see you in France!


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