Team Saxo Bank in Perugia


I’ll keep it short today…

Alejandro washing the bikes

Luke became a father this morning – Congratulations to him :)

Menu of the day :

  • smoked salmon, crisp apple and rucola in apple vinegar, olive oil and chives
  • coleslaw on carrot, savoy and cranberries in mustard-honey dressing
  • leafy greens with juicy chicken, beautiful ripe tomatoes and toasted almonds
  • Moroccan style meat balls and burned spring onions with tomato sauce
  • roasted potatoes and fresh herbs


I found out what makes my day: a kitchen (is that so weird)- not a tent with a gasburner… So today was my day! Really nice place and friendly staff – i truly couldn’t ask for more in a situation like this.

Yesterday we celebrated Matteos Birthday and in that honor I made a few cakes for everyone to enjoy… It’s amazing what can be made with a toaster oven, patience and good will!

Tomorrow we are staying in Lucca – the home of many of our riders, so maybe we’ll have guests for dinner ? I hope they will let me know in time… ;)

Good night people – sleep tight, i know i will!


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