Love the fish!

It’s been a few days getting to know our transportable kitchen well enough to make a full meal from it – but today… It happened! – well with a little help from the hotel kitchens oven.  The cooks at the hotel were busy serving food for 1000 people due to a lot of medium sized parties today, so there was no room for us – but as long as it doesn’t rain, we’re fine with our set up.

Tonights dinner :

  • baked John Dory with hazelnut, sage and lemon – pan roasted white asparagus
  • chicken, apricot, capers and roasted root celery
  •  sweet tomatoes and egg in a balsamic-herb marinade
  • romaine lettuce, parma ham, crisp blanched green asparagus – mozzarella – mustard vinaigrette
  • Do i need to say pasta pasta pasta…
  • raspberries in vanilla custard

Fish was  a great success – I love it when they eat whole fish on the bone – that makes me happy ( the things that makes a day for a chef …)

past few days has been really warm and with quite a bit of transfer time – but hey , that cycling for you! and tomorrow we have a late start so that means that our mid day break is more or less gone ( i think we might survive anyway …)

Saxo chef Hannah and Sky chef Søren

ready set dinner table at Hotel cosmopolitan in Civitanova marche – Chirachi with tuna and salmon.

Two days ago we were staying in a hotel with a lot of other teams: BMC, sky and  garmin-barracuda – and that’s always nice, especially because they have chefs as well – so we get to talk, hang out and exchange crazy kitchen stories from all the hotels we’ve been at. Unfortunately we won’t get to hang out with team sky again… That’s a shame.

Today we’re at the same place as Radioshack-nissan-trek and they have a new chef … and guess where he’s from? – Yep – Denmark… so now there’s four teams with danish chefs: Saxo Bank, Sky, Orica-Greenedge and Radioshack-Nissan-Trek! Go Denmark !!!

kitchen scenery may

Matteo’s Birthday coming up tomorrow – so there’s birthday dinner plans going on…

well it’s late, I’m tired…



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